St Teilo’s Church Caereithin

Serving the communities of Blaenymaes, Fforesthall, Penplas, Penlan West, Portmead and Ravenhill.

Cheriton Crescent, Portmead, Swansea SA5 5LA  

Tel: 01792 583646

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Funeral Service in St Teilo’s

The Christian Funeral Service is about celebrating the life of a loved one. We give thanks to God for the gift of their life, love and friendship; and all that the person has meant to their family and friends.  

It is about celebrating the hope that one day we will meet our loved one again in the fullness of God's life and time. Celebrating our faith in the Easter journey of Jesus from death to resurrection. It is about reminding us that death is not the end.

It is about supporting those who are bereaved and journeying with them in this time of pain and loss. Death does leave a great emptiness and fills us with all kinds of emotions and stress.

It is about holding a loved one before God in faith and prayer; trusting in the love, compassion and mercy of God. It is about praying that our God, who is rich in mercy, will welcome our loved one into the fullness of God’s eternal peace and love.

Why a Church Service?

The church is local which means that many of the community can easily get to the Service in order to pay their respects and show their support. Also, the church can seat a very large congregation.

There is no pressure of time. Today, the Crematorium only allows approximately 20 minutes for the actual Service whereas there is no time limit for the Church Service.

Because there is no pressure of time, the family have the opportunity to meet with those members of the community and neighbours who are present to pay their respects and to thank them for being at the Service. This time can be planned into the Service before leaving for the Crematorium or the Cemetery.

Because of the flexibility offered by a Church Service, in conjunction with the Vicar, the family can plan a Service that it is fitting for their loved one.

What kind of Service will it be?

The Service follows a format that is laid down by the Church in Wales however there is ample flexibility to meet the reasonable requests of the family so that the Service reflects the life and love of the deceased. Usually there will be one or two hymns, chosen by the family, along with Bible readings that are important to our Christian faith and belief about the Resurrection.

There is room for other readings and pieces of music provided that they are respectful of the Christian faith and do not include language that would not be appropriate. It is also appropriate for a member of the family or a friend to say a few words about the deceased so as to make it more personal for the family.

The Vicar will meet with the family to plan the Service and will do the best to meet the reasonable requests of the family.